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Give yourself a moment of pleasure and well-being

SPA & Pool Park Hotel Argento 4 stars
For technical renovation reasons, the outdoor swimming pool will be available again from April 20th 2024

Are you looking for well-being in a quiet atmosphere?

The Silver Park Hotel and its swimming pool are a popular place to relax on your holiday or after a day of trekking. Soak up the sun rays and work on your tan on the sun loungers around the pool.

The sea is only a few minutes’ walk from our hotel, but for those who prefer a quieter and less crowded place, the pool certainly offers a perfect environment. Here the atmosphere is quiet, during the day it is accompanied by a pleasant background music, which facilitates the relaxation of the guests.

Cocktails, snacks and aperitifs on the terrace at sunset

A chic place to indulge in the sun's rays, and if it's a bit warmer, cool off with a dip. Once you get out of the water, you can enjoy a cool cocktail or a snack.

When the sun goes down, the natural spectacle of a perfect sunset shines on the terrace above the pool of our hotel, for you to enjoy an aperitif together with the person you love the most.

Free Entrance to the SPA from 2pm to 8pm.
Open upon reservation for non-hotel guests € 40,00

Massages and beauty treatments

You can also book a massage or a beauty treatment. Our SPA manager will be happy to advise you as much as possible on the type of treatment and in terms of the exclusive organic product lines "Ishi" and "Biocosmeceutici". This is achieved by means of a free test in the cabin, which establishes how well the products are tailored to your skin.

SPA Treatments Menu

Turkish Bath

The humid bath is a hot and steam full room, with pleasant aromas, helping in regulating the skin PH, the moisturizing and the cleansing of the skin, as well as improving the breathing system.

The temperature is about 45°-48°C (113°F-119°F) and the humidity is 98%. We recommend not to use it longer then 10-15 minutes at the time.

After the steam bath following cooling down treatments are recommended:

  • Cold rain;
  • Ice waterfall;
  • After the treatment we recommend to relax for 15 minutes.


The temperature is normally between 80° and 100°C (176°F-212°F) and the humidity is about 20%, but it is also possible to have a lower temperature between 60°-80°C (140°F-176°F) and humidity between 30-40%.

After the sauna a cold shower is strongly recommended to slow the sweating, clean your skin and close your pores. Reclining for 10 or 15 minutes is the best way to finish up.

Before entering the sauna please follow the below listed advices:

  • Avoid alcohol. Consult your doctor if you are on medication or in a questionable health;
  • Drink water in order to reduce the effectiveness of the detoxification process;
  • A light meal is OK (e.g. fruits), but don't eat a heavy meal before taking a sauna.

For hygienic reasons take shower and cover hair before entering the sauna. Please use a personal towel to sit on the banks in the sauna.

Begin slowly to see how you react to the sauna environment. Don't go more than 10 or 15 minutes at the time. 2 rounds are normally recommended. The first one shouldn't take longer then 10 minutes.

After cooling downand relaxing for at least 15 minutes, you are ready for the second round of about 10 minutes.

Emotional showers

Emotional showers are normally recommended before taking a sauna or a Turkish bath.

Emotional showers consist of 4 showers:

  • TROPICAL RAIN: big drops, amber colour, maracuja aroma
  • COLD RAIN: green coloured drops
  • SUMMER STORM: red coloured roar
  • COLD FOG: blue colour, mint aroma.


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