Park Hotel Argento
Photo Park Hotel 10th Anniversary

Park Hotel Argento SPA Levanto celebrates 10 years !!

On 29 June 2009, the hotel opened its doors.

The night before, Beppe and Hervé could not sleep.

“It wasn't so much the new adventure that made you think.” HERVÉ REMEMBERS, “Rather, it was the automatism of the structure. Everything was based on one point of control, it was very different from the other hotels where we worked. ”

On the first night, only a few rooms were occupied, mainly by old customers who visited them.

“We were a tranquil location; the place was a fairy tale. It was remote, but central, like the tracks of the electric train for the children. You could hear the cicadas and at the same time the train whistling” TELLS BEPPE

There are many memories of these ten years. Memories that encompass everything - strong emotions and funny moments, indescribable episodes, great satisfaction and difficulties. As in 2011, when the hotel was buried under a tsunami of mud.

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